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In Birinci Health Group, patients’ need, expectations, rights and satisfaction are taken into consideration as the patient care is viewed from patient’s perspective, and thus, it is ensured that patient/family member are respected and given services meticulously.Rendering healthcare services by qualified academicians in modern hospitals with modern technological infrastructure, Birinci Health Group strives for supporting patients and families based on the love, knowledge and specialty that is characterized with the family love and affection.Pursuant to patient rights; Patient Rights Unit is available in hospitals and medical centers of Birinci Health Group in order to conduct all processes in line with the patient rights and to make patients present to the unit easily.Patients and/or family members are informed about diagnosis, treatment, care services, responsibilities of patients and other services that will be offered to patients.While patients are verbally informed before any and all medical interventions, written consent is obtained from the patient. Consent of the patient is required, if data, information and materials of the patient will be used for research and experimental trials or any other reason.Physical, psychological, cognitive and social privacy of the patient are ensured in all healthcare services. Requirements and conditions are specified for how details and documentations about diagnostic and therapeutic processes are shared with who and at what circumstances. Privacy of the patient is taken into consideration for flow of medical knowledge between healthcare professionals.A procedure is planned to ensure the right of patients to select the physician and duties and specialty fields of all physicians working in all hospitals and medical centers are specified in the web site and the organization.Patients may review their own medical records in accordance with the policies of the hospital and copies of documents are given to patients, whenever requested.Patients can receive services without need to interfering cultural and moral values.

Medical Tourism

After medical records are reviewed and referral to Turkey is approved by our medical counseling committee, patients are referred to Turkey. Expectations of our patients about their health problems are determined with provisional diagnosis service and best therapeutic approach is decided. We strive for comfortable and economic flights for travel of our clients to and from Turkey. Our client representative have good command in English, Arabic, Italian and many other languages for our clients, who travel to Turkey for medical treatment, and our clients are accompanied by our representatives, who help any and all needs of clients, throughout their treatment period in Turkey.We also have a Call Center for our patients in order to communicate all requests, questions, demands and complaints 24/7 in Turkey.

Insurance Companies

The Group with a large-scale network has contractual relations with all national and international insurance companies, intermediary organizations and authorized bodies of foreign countries in order to facilitate and democratize the access to healthcare services. National and international contracts are always kept up-to-date and renewed, if required.